This Gun Ad Is So Offensive, Even Gun Owners Are P*ssed Off (VIDEO)

Black Friday was truly a dark day for America this year, with not one, but two mass shootings one in San Bernardino, and another, less publicized one in Savannah, Georgia. And while that was going on, Americans were out shopping, buying new guns in droves. But one South Carolina weapons dealer has created a holiday ad campaign that is so offensive that even some gun owners are unhappy about it.

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The ads, placed on billboards by the Palmetto State Armory, one of South Carolinas largest gun dealers, feature images of weapons with slogans taken from popular Christmas carols. One shows the cylinder of a revolver, loaded with five gold colored bullets, and the words Five Golden Rings. But the one that really seems to have people upset is one featuring a semi-automatic pistol, fitted with a silencer, or suppressor, and the words Silent Night. Because in conservative South Carolina, you dont mess with somebodys guns, and you definitely dont mess with their Jesus.

Jesus and guns are such serious business in South Carolina that even attorney Jack Swerling, who spoke to WIS-TV is offended. Swerling is a gun owner with a concealed carry license. He says:

I just thought that was totally inappropriate. Silent Night is a beautiful song. And Im Jewish. But I was offended for the Christian community that they would try to make that play on words and images.

In a December 1 Facebook post, Swerling explained his problems with the ad.

via Facebook

via Facebook

As of December 4, Swerlings post has almost 600 shares, and the majority of the commenters agree with him. And going beyond the issue of offending Jesus by using the words Silent Night, Swerling and at least one commenter both raise a valid question: why does the proverbial good guy with a gun need a silencer?

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Does this offend you? If so, what is more offensive, the use of Christmas carols to sell weapons, or the fact that one ad is selling a product that no legal gun owner should ever need?

Heres a report, from WIS-TV: Columbia, South Carolina

Featured image via WIS-TV screen capture

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  • Madge

    Anything to sell yet another f*cking gun right? smh

  • Otto Greif

    Theres nothing wrong with suppressors, and Ive never heard of a legally owned suppressor being used in a crime.

  • Judi

    Since when is everybody granted their own opinions? From all I see and read, most of our personal opinions OFFEND someone.